Public Facilities Agenda (PDF)

Public Facilities, Transportation, Parks & Public Art
Meets 2nd Wednesdays, 6:00 pm
North Park Recreation Center/Adult Center
2719 Howard Avenue
Steve Doster (Chair)
Arash Kahvazadeh (Vice-Chair)

Public Facilities identifies public facility needs and makes recommendations regarding parks and open spaces, libraries, law enforcement and fire stations, streets, bike lanes, sewer and water lines, storm drains, power lines, schools, etc. Subcommittee goals include creating more Joint Use Agreements, keeping the community informed about canyon maintenance and environmental projects, providing a forum for discussion about the proposed changes to Balboa Park, and participating in the creation process of a Branch Library in North Park.

Transportation advises the Planning and Traffic Departments of the City of San Diego and the Third District City Council member on North Park traffic, parking and public transportation issues. The subcommittee has identified and prioritized various traffic problems that need calming measures, including pedestrian crosswalks near parks, requests for stop signs and numerous traffic calming measures at various locations.

Public Art works with the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture’s Public Art Program which oversees the inclusion of public artworks in Capital Improvement Program projects and Redevelopment projects, advises on the acquisition, placement, maintenance, or removal of public artworks on City-owned property, and provides public art planning, education and outreach.