NPPC Agenda (PDF)


Meets 3rd Tuesday each month (except December), 6:30 pm

In-Person meeting will be held at:

Horizon North Park 2901 N Park Way San Diego CA 92104

For previous meetings and agendas, please visit North Park CPG

The Planning Committee:

The North Park Planning Committee (NPPC) represents the citizens of North Park by providing a forum to discuss, explore, question and monitor land use and development issues.

We provide advisory recommendations to the City regarding projects in the community and are recognized by the City as an important part of the approval process for new development and services. The more participants, the more influence we have on the future of North Park: how it will look and what it will include.
See our Meetings page for Agenda and Minutes

The NPPC offers many ways for you to get involved!

– Attend the monthly General Meetings.
– Learn how City government operates and how its decisions affect North Park.
– Hear City representatives, prospective developers and community members present their vision of the future of North Park.
– Ask questions and voice your own opinion about matters before the NPPC.

If you also want to receive communications regarding issues affecting our community, complete the Planning Committee Registration Form. The form is also available at the NPPC General Meetings. The area covered by the NPPC is illustrated on the maps page. You must attend one General Meeting between February 2018 and March 2019 to vote or run for a Board seat in the March 19, 2019 General Election.

Meeting Minutes