Urban Design/Project Review

Location: Horizon North Park

2901 North Park Way, 2nd Floor

Mark Spitzer (Chair)

April 2, 2024 Agenda

Mar 5, 2024 Urban Design Meeting CANCELLED

Feb 6, 2024 Urban Design Meeting Agenda 6pm

Jan 2, 2024 Meeting Agenda 6pm

There will be no meeting in Dec 2023

Nov 16, 2023 Meeting 6pm

September Agendav1

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Urban Design reviews existing and upcoming planning, zoning, and design and development issues. It also provides community members, developers and public planners a platform to present conceptual ideas and seek recommendations from the subcommittee. The subcommittee and attending general public have the opportunity to provide feedback intended to help guide projects to an appropriate cohesive final proposal. Participation in this committee is not only an important way to have your voice heard, but also an exciting way to see what the future might hold for your neighborhood.

Project Review provides recommendations to the NPPC on projects submitted to the City that require the community input. These are typically projects asking for variances, deviations, map and tentative waivers for pre­existing conditions, and more. For complex projects, the applicant may make two or more visits to this committee before a final decision is reached. It is recommended that members of this committee visit the sites of the proposed projects so that they may clearly understand the impact to the community. Public and committee comments often help the applicants produce a better project prior to being heard at the NPPC general meeting. Attending the combined Urban Design/Project Review subcommittee is one of the best ways to have a say on the future of your community.